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I have found a dog. What should I do?


You must call your local dog warden and inform them. (Council contact numbers). There is a very good chance that the owner has already reported their loss and is desperately missing their pet.
You can also report your find to the Police on 0845 4564567

Can I just keep the dog I have found?   No!
As much as you may like the dog you have found it is not yours. If you find a dog it is illegal for you keep it without reporting it to the dog warden.
If you are interested in offering any stray dog a new home you should inform your Dog Warden who will be pleased to help.
I have lost my dog, who do I call?   You should call your local dog warden as soon as possible and provide as much information as you can. We are here to help, and may have valuable information concerning your dogs location. (Council contacts).
You can also report your loss to the Police on 0845 4564567
My Dog has been picked up as a stray why?   Any unattended dog in a public place is a stray dog. Stray dogs are not only a danger to themselves but can be a risk or cause nuisance to members of the public.
Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 all local Councils are required to collect stray dogs.
 Of course most stray dogs are lost pets who need re-uniting with their owners, but there are unfortunately some owners who allow their dogs to stray again and again. Every dog owner has a responsibility to ensure that their pet does not cause a nuisance to others. This means that as the owner you must comply with certain laws, most of these are straight forward and are there to ensure that people and dogs can live happily and safely together.
On any one day in the England there are around 500,000 stray dogs. These dogs may cause road accidents, fouling offences and attacks on other dogs and people.
If your dog has been picked up, he of she has been removed out of harms way.

Will I be fined if my dog escapes?

  The Dog Warden Service is a positive service provided by your local council. It is here to help you, offering help and support when you need it.
The Council do fine for stray dogs but there are several things you can do to minimize the risk of a fine.
1. make sure you dog wears a collar with your name and address attached at all times.
2. Consider a microchip and keep your details up to date
3. Call the dog warden as soon as your dog escapes. We are here to help.
4. Consider the security of your garden
We are well aware that all dogs can escape. Your dog warden works very hard trying to keep lost dogs safe. Ultimately all we want to do is bring your dog home to you. If your dog is picked up and we can easily identify you as the owner we may be able to return them home without a fee. However if we cant identify or get hold of you, or you dog has escaped previously then you will be required to pay a fine.
Details of fines for your area can be found here
I have just been attacked by a dog, who do I call?   Contact the Police as soon as possible as they deal with dangerous dog issues.


Do I need a collar for my dog?   The Control of Dogs Act 1992 requires that every dog of any age on a highway or in any Public place must wear a collar with the owners name and address inscribed on the collar, or plate or badge attached to it. Failure to comply is an offence.
What is a Microchip?   A Microchip is a small capsule about the size of a small grain of rice that is permanently implanted into your dog.. The Microchip has a unique code that Dog wardens, Vets and other animal welfare organisations can read.
This code relates to a record held by the relevant microchip company with your contact information.
A dog cannot loose a microchip and you cannot forget to put it on, unlike a collar.
Although the microchip doesn't relinquish your legal obligation to have a collar it can be an extremely useful method of identification.
Your local vets and or Dog warden may be able to offer a microchipping service.
We highly recommend Microchips Please CONTACT US for Microchipping events in your area
Is dog fouling illegal?   You as the owner are legally responsible for your dogs actions. If you fail to clear up after your dog you could be breaking the law and could face prosecution and a fine of up to 1000
Please click here for further dog fouling information

I would like to give an unwanted dog a home. Who do I call?

  There are hundreds of unwanted dogs looking for homes. Please use this link and have a look at all the re-homing centres in the area

My dog keeps barking what can I do?


 Please take a look at this leaflet .Alternatively please contact us and we will post you some information


My Neighbours dog keeps barking who do I call?


Please call your local Environmental health department.


I would like to report animal cruelty who do I call?


Please call the RSPCA cruelty line on 0300 1234 999


I have a question that's not on here?


Please contact us, we are here to help



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